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Handmade: Hand cut and forged steel botanical illustration style lilly pad. 7" tall lily pad with flowers, flower buds, fish, roots, and three blue glass flower centers. Unique one-of-a kind art for indoor or outdoor settings.

7' Lily Pad with fish and three, 3' blue glass flower centers

SKU: 364215375135191
  • When viewed from above, you can see two of the three flowers with 3" blue glass diamond centers above three large lily pads. When viewed from gound level, you can see the fish, lilly roots and one of three flowers with 3" blue glass diamond center. The lily pads, stalks, and fish cast beautiful shadows on the gound (and walls if nearby). Mild steel clear coated in acrylic. If you want it to slowly rust over time, leave it outdoors and do not re-apply a protective coating. I have a few other botanical illustration style wall hangings that may or may not be listed at this time.I am available for commission pieces as well.

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