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Passionate about art


Metal sculptor, making handmade metal art for the home and garden in the greater Seattle area. To see what I am working on, please visit me on Instagram ->

I have been working in metal for a decade, making everything from small CNC works of art to large forged sculptures and trellises. I incorporate glass and stone in my sculptures and I also work in concrete and other mediums as needed. I specialize in unique, handmade metal garden art and metal sculpture that brings beauty for ages. 


As a life-long creature of the Pacific Northwest, I love nature. Some of my most peaceful moments are when I am in the woods foraging for wild mushrooms and being part of the natural beauty.


I have been creative my whole life using different mediums but from my first metal art class, I was smitten with welding and shaping metal. 


Through my art, I bring together my two loves: nature and metal art. I add permanence to the fragile elements that are nature. 


The creative process is one of escape - I am able to “go places” not readily accessible using the logical mind and through my art, I hope that you can join me on the journey. 


I am available for custom and commission work.  Minimum order is $250.

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