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Tropical Leaves

Customer Installations 
- customers transforming their spaces


Two giant poppies add a splash of color and greet you at the driveway entry.


Three koi fish friends having a good time in the garden in Hawaii. He is ordering more to increase his koi family...more on the way!

20230718_110528 (1).jpg

A red dragon fly cruzing through the garden. 


School of fish swimming in the garden along a retaining wall in downtown Edmonds.


A home owner installed new sod and bluestone and a gnome couple moved in. He said the gnomes take over this area after nightfall.  What a lucky guy!

4372068141892767420 (1)_edited.jpg

The owner commissioned 10 rusted steel maple leaves to surround his bronze maple leaf sculpture. He liked them so much he order 10 more!


Mini gnome found a home in an indoor potted plant.


Customer relocated house numbers and replaced it with a placard showing their love for hiking, bikes (the sun is a bike sprocket) and nature.


This fisherman is much happier now. Who would of thought a 1.5" fish would make a difference but it did - it provided the bait needed to catch fish!


A two foot long Pacific Goeduck clam and yes, the owner has caught them this big!

Emelda and Stu small dragonfly.jpg

A dragonfly graces the garden.

Tory gate insert_edited.jpg

Clematis gate window/insert. Owner has  numerous varieties of clematis in her yard!


Guitar stand mounted off-center above the couch in a lawyer's office providing a more dynamic look.  


Kit Kat mounted to a cubicle wall. Customer added lights behind the eyes and the hat to enliven this little guy.


Sasquatch sighting! Sasquatch on the move...

Joni's trellis_edited.jpg

Butterfly Trellis commissioned to support a trailing camellia.

Erens Gnome.jpeg

A gnome on a high perch overlooking a  dragon fruit orchard.  Hmm, they are vegitarians...he might be waiting for the fruit to ripen:)


A wavey blue stalk contrasts nicely with the foliage in this garden. This garden contains many other blue colored artwork and furnishings to go with it unfortunately formatting did not captue it:(


A bright orange wavey stalk adds vertical height in a most colorful summer garden!


This bird nest and painted daffodil found a new home in Arizone.The resident frog looks very content!


A red hat gnome marks the location of the couple's wedding ceremony.

4760780954120205013 (1)_edited.jpg

This mini gnome with his red hat stand out amoung a green jungle. 


A gnome on his elevated perch keeping watch over the yard. He is pretty good at hiding...


A Fish mounted to the front of a gold fish pond. 


A massive "flip tail" sockeye salmon takes the stage in this fishing themed room.   


Sweet pea climbing an obelisk and reaching for the sun. 

Trout_Dani and Steve Richard .jpg

Large trout found his new home on a tree that had been cut down.


Garden stake adorns newly remodeled bathroom.


Yoda the cat mounted to a cubicle wall. This cat loving customer added lights behind the eyes.


This customized beaded flower will be the focus of this street-side garden. Can't wait to see how this turns out when it is planted... 


Dragon fly on patrol.

IMG_20220326_181630 (1)_edited.jpg

Making a  bold statement with a school of sockeye salmon (19 total).  This setting is among massive stones, numerous works of art, and plenty of outdoor rooms for socializing. Truly, a unique and stunning location.

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