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Bring the Gnomes Home!

They are encouraging you to get out into nature, find them, and bring them home! They are a clever bunch, hiding on the ground along trails, near water, or in trees. So, look carefully. If you are lucky, you will find one. If you don’t find one, you will still have a glorious day outside. So, get out and bring the gnomes home!


What do you do when you find one? Post a picture of the gnome you found on any social media, and indicate approximately where you found it, using #MarilynCreatesGnomesYou can decide to give it a home or re-hide it. Gnomes are most comfortable in a natural environment such as lounging in a potted plant, hiding in a garden, or resting near trees or water. They are protectors and bring good luck to their keepers. 


Throughout the year, gnomes will be released at different locations (see Release Schedule below) in the Pacific Northwest as listed on the website, Gnomes page. Initially, I wanted to inspire others to go outside and enjoy this beautiful world of ours, including Mother Nature’s trees, plants, and beautiful scenery. To my surprise, I was the one who needed to get out, leave my art studio and go into nature to be grounded, refreshed, and inspired. Well, of course, because my two loves are nature and creating metal art to honor nature’s charms.


Each gnome is hand painted by me. Each one is unique, with its own personality. On the back of your gnome is a number indicating the release order and clan name (see image below). I derive tremendous pleasure from making them and hope one finds its way to you, so you too can receive its joy and protection.


If you cannot find a gnome in the wild, see to get one of your very own.

2023 Release Schedule

Date 4/20/23:  Location: Lake Wilderness Park, Maple Valley, WA, Numbers 1-25, Clan Name: Love

Date 4/27/23: Location: Greenlake in Seattle, WA Numbers 26-50, Clan Name: Patience

Date 5/4/23: Location: Black Diamond Open Space on the Traffic Circle trails that goes over the new bridge over Ravensdale Creek, Numbers 51-75, Clan Name: Kind

Date 5/21/23: Location: VolunteerPark, Seattle, WA, Numbers 76-100, Clan Name: Mindful

Date TBD: Location: TBD, Numbers 101-125, Clan Name: Respect

Date TBD: Location: TBD, Numbers 126-150, Clan Name: Brave

Date TBD: Location: TBD, Numbers 151-175, Clan Name: Resilient

Date TBD: Location: TBD, Numbers 176-200, Clan Name: Supportive

Date TBD: Location: TBD, Numbers 201-225, Clan Name: Honest

Date TBD: Location: TBD, Numbers 226-250, Clan Name: Generous

Date TBD: Location: TBD, Numbers 251-275, Clan Name: Polite

Date TBD: Location: TBD, Numbers 275-300, Clan Name: Trust 

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