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Each set (small, med, large) contains 3 stakes:

$35 Small set contains 1 each: 23", 19", 15"

$45 Med set contains 1 each: 36", 30", 23"

$55 Large set contains 1 each: 52", 47", 41"


Add year-round color and vertical interest to your garden, planter boxes, potted plants, and landscape. Made in the USA from 3/8" solid construction steel. These art pieces will add appeal to any setting. The dynamic shadows they cast change throughout the day!  


You choose from five bold, glossy colors (see image for color chart) or an entire rust patina. Each set consists of three pieces that range in height from about 15" to  4' 4". Each unique stake is hand-crafted in Washington state. Stunning color and height combinations are yours with multiple sets. For more variety, combine the LARGE set with MEDIUM and/or SMALL sets.


Colored Curves: The lower sections are guaranteed to develop a surface rust patina, making each piece even more individual. See below how to expedite the rusting process. 
Rusted Curves: The entire stake will develop a natural rust patina. See below how to expedite the rusting process. 


Your package of curves will arrive NON-rusted for easier handling and to provide you with the enjoyment of watching them rust over time. To accelerate the rusting process, instructions for a simple recipe is included consisting of three common household ingredients. Spray this on and rust will flourish.  

Curves - 3/8" Solid Construction Steel Garden Stakes

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