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Something fishy is going on here! One of the best ways to get great gift ideas is to consider a person’s hobbies. This is a one-of-a-kind gift for the fishing enthuthist, fisherman or fisherwoman.


Each unique fish is hand-crafted out of 18 gauge steel. Delightful combinations are yours with multiple fish. For more variety, combine the LARGE with one or more MEDIUM and/or SMALL for a school of fish. Fish are one-sided and have a hanging wire welded on the back of the fish to make mouting easy. They are coated with a clear, high gloss finish making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Size:Prod Length:HeightWidth:Prod Weight:Price
Small9.5"3"1/2"4 oz$25.00
Medium11.5"3.5"1/2"6 oz$30.00
Large14.5"4.5"1/2"9.5 oz$40.00

Trout Fish - 18 gauge Steel in 3 sizes

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